About New Store Gift Card System

Our gift card system is changed in July 25 2017, and the former gift card has not been longer available.

Therefore, if your card has balance, we will exchange it for a new gift card, so send your gift card to me. In that case, please be sure to let me know it is yours, as put your card in a your avatar name folder.

If you purchased and handed it to someone, please let them know about this notice, It is helpful for smooth shopping.

Thank you for your understanding.


[The lift chair makes you easy access to category-based rooms]
1: Touch the “1” signboard on the wall in landing point. The lift will be rezzing.
2: Sit on the lift  (up to 3 people can be onboard. )
3: Touch a category from the list on the wall.
You can keep the ride on the lift while shopping, or Rez a new lift in each room.

[How to check product demo]
Touch the blue “DEMO” tag on vendor poster.
demo rezzing point is one for each category. when the next demo is touched, it automatically will disappear.
If anyone is using the demo point before you, please wait for that person to finish using it.

We try to lag-free shopping, appreciate your cooperation.

[How to purchase items]
“Pay” from pie menu by right-clicking on the vendor poster.
If you want to pay with the gift card balance, touch the vendor to open a menu dialog. also, you can gift to someone from a menu.

If any problem in the store please feel free to contact Soyoy in-world.