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Hello guys. PBR is now available in the official viewer. (Firestorm is not currently applied yet).
On the left is my usual workflow for processing metallic tones into textures. And on the left is the PBR material version.

PBR can make a big difference to the way a texture looks depending on the player’s “world environment”. In this photo, the environment and sky are grey toned to avoid the ‘environment’ effect as much as possible.
The PBR version’s con is can be produce well metallic effects indoors or night time like a dark environments. so use which your prefer.

In Second Life, the user is free to set Sky color or the environment so detailed, so the look intended by the creator or the reference photo may not always be the same as user sees it, and I feel this is even more pronounced in PBR.
in my opinion, I feel that PBR would have led to new reflection expression for creators if they could have added numerical values for environmental effects at least.. (maybe it can be set? anyone knows how to set…) and more good if HDR texture can be add to material… I don’t know graphic engine technical thing though. anyway… At the moment we are still in the experimental phase but will brush up and try to create a more realistic look.

Thank you 💙