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Dear Customers,

We’re dedicated to customer support to problem with our product.
To keep these service, we updated our Store Policy.

This is updated part in Gacha policy section:
We are not support to item you got it from resale shop on MP, or trade in world (It means gacha item gotten from other than machine we owned.) , if it is broken or have an initial malfunction. Please purchase at your own risk.
(Except for well-known problems in original items)

Please read Why we updated:
We had been support for all items even gacha item got from others, because We regard resale/trade as one fun of Gacha. however some people knows already, there is Botted Gacha’s item in resale/trades. it is hard to distinguish because looks like the original, shows my name on creator name. But We discovered that botted items may have Initial failure or broken. I believe most trading are done with original items sincerely. so I feel sorry for sincere reseller/trader, I decided to pursue this considering the current situation that Botting will not go away. I have been reporting to Linden Lab since last year, but disappointed with what these illegally active still now. IM or NC in world, should you have any questions about our updated this policy.