Store policy

A: Our normal product is Copy and Mod (Except for some products). You can receive item you purchased at in-world / Market pleace by Redelivery Terminal anytime.

B: We can not be accept refund request for your reason. Please check product details image before you buy.

C: Inquiry about purchase or technical support, contact to Soyou Resident by NC with the related transaction ID, product name and detail about problem.

Gacha policy

Please understand our policy to prevent trouble to Gacha,
play our gacha with your agreed.

A: The lotteries for prizes are done randomly. it is on your luck and we are not manipulating it. what this means is you may be get item you want by one pulling or many pulling may be necessary. We are sorry that we do not sell prize as normal sales. you may be able to find it at yard sale or trade, if you do not want to any loss by gacha. we are welcome to people enjoy trade, gacha prize permission is Transfer OK.

B: If you did not received prize from machine, there is a reason lag of sim or something. In this case, it will not be able to redelivery the prize, because they are no copy permission. you have to stop pulling immediately and try later.
you can request refunds for payment applicable. Contact to us in-world.

C: Rare prize can be exchange to Copy permission version. Exchange Terminal in our main store available. Please understand we don’t have copy version for any commons.

D: We can not redelivery for gacha prizes by lost and any reason. We accept repair if your prize had broken. Send your prize and note about the problem to us.

Note: We are not support to item you got it from resale shop on MP, or trade in world, if it is broken or have an initial malfunction. Please purchase at your own risk. (Except for well-known problems in original items)